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Hide And Seek was the eagerly anticipated follow up to The Charm. Utilising exactly the same cast and crew, Brainwave produced a maturer film, focusing on the problems that can arise when a fuckin' loony escapes from the nut house. Opting for a more visceral approach than on John Carpenter's Halloween, the team even dared to show a burning hand and a twig stuck in a boy's already bruised leg.

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Paul is the baddie.

Paul was the natural choice to play psycho crackpot Phil Hunte. The name was inspired by a young chap who would often sniff around the Brainwave door, Phil Hunt.

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You can almost see Richard's tits.

Richard was very concerned with the portrayal of upper body nudity, and how it may affect his younger fans. He was steadfast in his decision to dress before having a wash, which as we all know is crazy. It was here that Richard's probable homosexuality became a point of gossip behind his back.

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Michael saves the day.

Model train freak boy Michael Bate took on two entire roles in this picture, becoming both a postman and a nosey do-gooder. The  latter fell victim to vicious Phil Hunte in the above scene as he asked the probing  question '..what do you think you're doing?'

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Richards hangs over a 200ft drop.

Richard was well game for doing his his own stunt work. Not only did he choreograph his own fights and jumps, he performed an awesome high speed cycle crash and all but fell into a river. Sadly, his knee was giving him jip and he ruined a take by screaming like a complete girl as Paul writhed in the freezing waters. This out-take any many more are available on Hide And Seek in our online shop.

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Keith plays a news reader.

Hide And Seek also marked the on screen debut of Keith and Rob. Above, we see Keith as he presents a fictitious news show. This was actually a clever device to reveal key plot points without getting all preachy.

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Death by knife!

Universally panned by censors, the above torture scene was left intact to show just how awful Phil could be. He drags the helpless Richard toward a razor sharp bread knife, face first!

Fans of this cult movie often enjoy counting just how many knives Phil carries on his person at any given time.

Doctors have remarked on the film's inaccuracies as Phil Hunte simply refuses to die, despite some severe grazes and 90% burns. This concept was later stolen by the producers of Halloween H20 who did not acknowledge their debt to Brainwave on the closing credits.