Send an e-mail if you'd like to buy any of our fantastic films on Mpeg cdr or pal VHS!

Also available, screenplays to Aquaroid, The Charm and maybe Legend Of Roy if Rob can find it on his hard drive. Battlemath screenplay on request (written before computers were invented and before Grant had taught everyone how to format a screenplay).

The complete set of Aquaroid storyboards can be yours for a price!

Coming soon, the storyboards for the Brainwave production of Stan's Slice Of Life, as screened on Carlton TV!!

Limited numbers of the sought after magazine Making Movies On A Shoestring are still in a boxes at Keith's mum's if you're interested!

Deluxe photo's of the Brainwave family coming very soon! Pay a bit extra and specify your own poses! (upper nudity only).

Sadly, the master tapes of Keith and Rob's rendition of the festive classic 'Christmas Time In Bradford' have been misplaced so this popular favourite won't be available this year.

Aqauroid posters (A3 or A4) for your bedroom wall!

Legend Of Roy video sleeves, for that special someone!

Limited numbers only- The astonishing musical score to Aquaroid!

You know you want to!