The Richard Cooper Fan Page.

Long time Brainwave fans still shiver at the mention of Richard Cooper/Booker. This ginger powerhouse acted and fought his way through our first 2 productions, allowing his lucky team their first exposure to an unprecedented rawness.

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Ever the pioneer, Richard began dabbling in advanced acting technique. He was solely responsible for the then uncommon method of ‘hair bleaching’ whereby the character transforms from red to albino through the course of the film. It is believed that Richard patented this idea, which would explain why it is rarely seen in today’s blockbusters.

Richard’s career often paralleled that of Asian superstar Jackie Chan. Both perfectionists in their art and both insisting on performing their own fights and stunts. Richard’s unique blend of ju-jutsu and Sau-Paulo street fighting can be seen in his 2nd movie ‘Hide And Seek’.

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It seemed that Hollywood would soon steal our star, it was only a matter of time. The robbery never took place. Richard was last spotted atop a number 57 bus Sheffield-Stocksbridge over 5 years ago. He spoke happily and even offered invites to one of his wild sex parties. It was evident that Richard was still pushing the boundaries of acting as by now his hair had become a thatch of wispy curls.

We believe that the excesses of his extravagant lifestyle may have lead to Richard’s downfall. He lost his job as a waiter at a local theatre and was once seen in the middle of an all evening drinking session.

We would like to put a call out to anyone who may be familiar with Richard’s current circumstances. Richard- If you’re out there, please get in touch, we’re all very worried about you.

Richard’s sexuality was never a problem at the Brainwave camp. The rough and tumble wrestling scenes were taken in his stride and Richard made everyone feel comfortable with their own bodies as we shot the provocative ‘bedroom and washing’ scene for Hide And Seek. Although not quite centrefold material, Richard’s balanced diet and regular check ups helped him maintain a firm, lithe frame.

Richard was a natural entertainer. Aside from his acting talents he was a skilled organist, often keeping our spirits up with his blazing rendition of the theme from BBC TV’s ‘Allo Allo’, which required both hands and foot pedals to play the bass line.

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