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Raised by wolves, scholared in the ways of the sword, kept up past bedtime by hellish nightmares....

Join Roy on an epic quest to discover the shocking truths of his past. Roy is aided on his journey by a horribly impeded mystic and a trio of sensual goddesses. He must slay the reptilian bird thing and dodge the many giant limbs of the 'Hill Keeper', but will brute barbarism be sufficient to destroy the ultimate evil that lurks within the dark castle, or must Roy summon his strange wolf-like powers as he attempts to save the world from annihilation??

Learn...magical secrets from the wise one! the fleshy Goddesses! the jokes about pies!

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Lovely montage.


South Yorkshire's hyborean age provides the setting for Brainwave's most successful outing to date.

Legend Of Roy blended a dodgy script with dubious acting to form a strangely appealing hybrid.

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Chicks dig Jay.

Remember, in the past there were no walls or cars or poultry. We found a location in Derbyshire that looked very beautiful- unfortunately it was private property and we were jumped by a farmer and his dog of a wife who pointed a shotgun at us. Luckily, they were very impressed at how professional we were and allowed us to live.

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'I love men'.

Save yourselves about 10 on wigs by getting the lead actor to grow his hair really really long. Roy's headband was actually a belt from a marks's dressing gown. When in place around someone's head, even the keenest eye has trouble identifying it.

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It's not half as funny as it looks.

Roy's leather shorts came from Oxfam. They were in fact far too tight and Robin would often complain about his nut sac getting crushed. Tension grew as the producers simply laughed and told him to 'get on with it'.

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Robin, immersed in the starring roll.

Keith gave a wonderful turn as Roy's surrogate father. His interpretation of the script added a lovely warmth to his scenes. In one dialogue scene, Keith ignored what was on the page so he could say the word 'child' about nineteen times.

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Keith is very good at acting.

If, like us, you don't know any girls, you can always recruit talent from stage schools or amateur drama clubs. Always treat the female cast with far more respect than the males, as you may later be able to cop off with them.

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