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Enter the post apocalyptic world of Angry Max.

The forces of law and order have broken down but a lone patrolman still travels the minor B-roads of South Yorkshire despatching his own brand of ruthless justice.

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In little over 1 minute you can experience the fear of a high speed chase and learn the baffling secrets of Max’s ‘sucker’ gun.

Angry Max-Behind The Scenes.

The futuristic look of Angry Max was a combined effort by Keith and Rob.

By projecting today’s fashions into the year 2020, they were able to see that a futuristic traffic cop would wear a long black coat and buckled boots. To enhance the futuristic look, Max also wore futuristic mirror shades under his bike helmet.

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Honda would not disclose their plans for the ‘Melody 100cc’ circa 2020, so the 1988 model was modified by sticking a length of drain pipe onto the front mud guard. Electricians tape was stuck to the windshield to form the letters ‘MAX’ which served to make sure you knew his name as well as giving a more sci-fi look.

Try not to copy these tips exactly when creating your own futuristic looks. They can be adapted to suit the needs of your film. You could try taping a knitting needle to a shower cap or tying a scarf around some old slip-on's.

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By far the most advanced prop for Angry Max was his futuristic ‘power drain sucker gun’. Although you won’t realise in the film, it was created by spraying a simple child's toy with black car paint (2.99 Halfords), then attaching a sink plunger with a length of coiled cable (popular in many telephones). The firing effect was achieved by the use of ‘dutch’ angles and a bit of string.


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Attack Of The Killer Fans.

What do you do with a posh camera, a rotating fan and day off work sick?

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We at Brainwave believe that such time should be spent making a film about an Earth invasion by killer fans from outer space. A wide variety of locations were covered in a very short time for this picture, including a roof top NCP car park, a remote country road and the steps of Sheffield city hall.

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It is a testament to the ability of Keith and Rob to create over 4 engaging characters with only 2 people, a hat and a large pair of slacks. Extra footage was later added featuring pensioners and a dog.

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Special effects were created live, with a flying fan being achieved by pulling it upwards with fishing line from Keith’s dad’s tackle box. The less complex ‘fan moving down road’ was done with the same technique, however the line was this time pulled laterally.

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Of note in this film is way in which the illusion of a cigarette was created by rolling up a sheet of A4 paper (Brainwave actively shun smoking). Quick cutting means that viewers don’t realise that no smoke comes out of the end, or the actor's mouths/noses.