Welcome to the Brainwave Entertainment web site.

With the help of the internet, we hope that our legendary independent movies can be ignored not just in England, but all over the known world!

Be you a fan of some standing, or merely a passing browser, there’s sure to be plenty here to make you come, over and over.

Brainwave have always brought to you, our public, product of outstanding artistic value and cleanliness. Having already sunk our virtual toe into a variety of media, we felt the world was now prepared for our full scale invasion of cyber space and to this end, we present you with the only official Brainwave page currently online. We would take this chance to warn of the countless unofficial sites in circulation, many containing hear-say information, fraudulent claims as to our organisation, and violently clashing colour schemes. Let us put some minds at rest by assuring you, the caring customer, that Paul’s trick knee has suffered no flare ups of note within the last seventy two hours.

You will find here only the cutting edge of internet graphics, designed to do little or no damage to your low emission monitors, and articles of bang up to the minute information regarding all of our activities.

So join us, friend, on a journey into the heart of our world, and in the words of Robin Williams, 'Lets us entertain you!'....

Visit regularly to see all our latest updates!

Brainwave are always on the lookout for kindred spirits in the world of no-budget moviemaking. If you make your own crap films, get in touch that we may form a global network of miserly auteurs and do great deeds for each other and for mankind.

If you have any comments or questions about anything you see on these pages, drop us a line, you never know if you don't ask.

Do you organise or know of any short, or genre film festivals that may benefit from Brainwave's presence? Let us know, we'll be very grateful and may even send you something for free!

Send all your mails to- boris@bwave.f9.co.uk



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