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Brainwave have been in the business of producing their own peculiar brand of Entertainment for over a decade. Their aim has always remained the same- to produce the best possible films, radio plays, songs etc. on the smallest budgets imaginable. The epic scale of their output belies their modest financial input. Spearheaded by the enigmatic duo of Keith and Rob, Brainwave continue to widen their audience almost hourly and are looking forward to even more hijinks into the new millennium. But how did such a worthy multimedia enterprise come into being.....?

As Antony’s chemistry book petrified in a flash of magnesium white, as Mr McIntosh rubbed away the charred remains of his eyebrows, as Barry Vera gently cradled a distraught Antony to his bossom- a manly bond was forming between two grade A chemistry students and Paul as well. Yes, they were Keith and Rob, founding fathers of Brainwave entertainment.

After devouring thirty odd straight to video cheapo sci-fi / fantasy flicks from Stocksbridge video hire, the pair felt ready to begin their very first feature-The Charm.

They gathered around them a team of talented though gullible collaborators (who remain almost loyal to this day) and started what was to turn out to be one of the great artistic partnerships of our times.

Keith Wright (who owned the video camera) generously decided to call the company KW Productions. This later became New Image Productions before they settled on the now familiar Brainwave Entertainment banner.

Over the years, Brainwave interfered with several well know media and genres. Who could forget the plight of little Bessima in their harrowing radio drama? How many grown men quaked with fear during their ghost busting documentary series, produced mere years after the release of a ghostbusting blockbuster movie-Ghostbusters 2? Would kitchens ever be the same again following the popular Cooking in 3-D show? The magazine racks of Great Britain were soon sagging under the weight of the superb value for money Making Movies On A Shoestring and hearts were warmed by the mellow tunes of a Brainwave Greatest Hits compilation cd of songs and music from their movies. The people of Mobberly, Cheshire, were thrilled to find a local history film being made on their very train tracks and having their delightful village immortalised in the light operetta, Mobberly Skies.

It is with this pioneering spirit that Brainwave stride boldly into the new millennium and continue to produce their own peculiar brand of the cheap and nasty, the weird and wonderful, the weird and nasty, the cheap and wonderful....