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Axx soon became one of Brainwave’s most popular films. It follows the fantastic adventures of a covert superhero team battling the evil Ming. For the first (and last) time in Brainwave’s history the idea for the story was not original but was adapted from a comic book by Abdullah Riaz, and although the plot was altered beyond recognition, many of the original dialogue remains intact. Brainwave opted for Axx because of it’s well defined central characters, martial arts action and potential for comedy and sex. To avoid confusion, Riaz gave an extensive history of the team on page one of issue one. Their individual skills, although well suited to the comic book format, were changed to better accent the power of cinema.

Axx- The comic book.

Axx started life as a low print run independent comic book. Drawing inspiration from many ‘Image’ comics, Riaz produced a slick, fast paced adventure with hyper-kinetic artwork and special poster inserts.Axx dealt with the themes of revenge, hatred, love and punching. Ever the innovator, Riaz re-defined the team for issue two. Only William Tagg remained from the original group, aided this time by Stone, Chung, Agent Fanny and Omen (with whom Fanny once had casual sex).

Click here to read the secret dossier compiled by Riaz about his Axx team! The dossier appears exactly as originally published in Riaz's Axx issue 1, including all spelling and grammatical errors!


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Axx-Lyrics by Robin Hartley.

Defenders of Justice, standing for what’s right

Fighting wrong and evil, both day and night

Standing high, standing strong

Ming cannot win when Axx are on form


Axx! Defenders of justice

Axx! Peace makin’ mothers (peace makin’ mo-fo’s)

Axx! Mmm Mmm Hmm Hmm

Fighting for justice, wiping out crime

Never ending struggle, Ming’s out of time

When there is trouble, they see the sign

Lives on the line for yours and mine



Axx 2 (It’s not all fighting)-Lyrics by Robin Hartley.

Axx! Defenders of justice

Have a life of their own

Playing tennis, badminton, kickin’ a football

Body poppin’, hide ‘n’ seek


Axx! It’s not all fighting

Axx! On a Sunday morning

Axx! Mmm Mmm Hmm Hmm

Throwing a frisbee in the park

Then off to the library before it’s dark

Breakfast in a transport cafe

And get excited chasing Ruth


Axx 3 (Truckin’ on down)-Lyrics

Their actions? Inexplainable

Damn, their lives are expendable

Truckin’ on down, they’re dependable

Movin’ faster than a 2x table


Axx! Defenders of the road

Axx! Peace makin’ mothers (freightline fever)

Axx! Bop-de-bop, slap-slappety-slap

Six days on the road

Axx sure need to shit their load

Scatman Crothers kick the can

I’m a freelance espionage man