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This incredible undersea adventure follows the exploits of a team of scientists hunting a mysterious asteroid!

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Dave threatens to kick Keith in the hip.

All in all, Aquaroid was originally greeted with a very lukewarm reception, though many have changed their minds with repeated viewings. We believe that it's ace and contains some of our finest work to date as well as a fit chick in a bikini.

Although the three principal cast (above) were together for only one night, through crafty editing techniques, Keith made it appear like they'd been together for almost two nights!

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Brainwave never shy away from man-love

Shooting took place over a week of evenings at Sheffield Independent film who were complete wankers.

Remember, if you're not a student or unemployed then you don't deserve to be anywhere near a film studio. Rob spent much time on the phone to Sheffield Independent, he sent faxes and e-mails and wrote nice letters in an attempt to hire a small screening room for Aquaroid, and was always told where to get off.

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Tris screams like a girl.

Using their talent for cheapness and improvisation, the Brainwave team 'borrowed' some expensive climbing gear from a photo shoot and fashioned it into a scuba diving outfit using sticky tape and some polystyrene. The finished costume looked like it cost about 5 more than it actually did!

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Tris holds a banana and some apples. It looks a bit like a cock and a pair of balls.

The submarine interior was constructed from a lot of cardboard. Paul spent the better part of a day with hammer, nails and power drill. Paul got very sweaty and annoyed and even turned down the chance of some chips for dinner. At one point, the veins on the side of Paul's head looked like they'd come alive and were looking for a place to spend the night.

We at Brainwave recommend that you don't make film set on board a submarine as it's dead tricky and not worth the hassle.

Storyboards always help with a picture of this scale. Why not compare our storyboards to the finished film here!

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Aliens created by Paul.

The neck-piece of the alien to the left was in fact a prop from the tremendous fantasy film Krull starring Bernard Breslaw!

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Dave performed all his own stunts.

The CGI content of Aquaroid was substantial. It seems in places that the script was merely there to tie the special effects together (a trick we learned from numerous Hollywood movies).

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